Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy. 55 Mills Road, Unit 10, Ajax, ON. L1S2H2

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Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy
Offers self defense for the whole family
from age 3 to Adult.

The primary focus of this dojo is
Japanese Self Defense Ju-Jitsu
(Hontai Yoshin Ryu)
and TaeKwon-Do.

We also offer;
Weapons Training,
“PeeWee Dragons” (Age 3-5),
and the “Ultimate Group Night Out”

Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy is your community self-defense center.
We provide classes for children & adults that teach self confidence through the discipline of
Japanese self-defense Ju-Jitsu (Hontai Yoshin Ryu) and Taekwon-Do.
All in a fun, relaxed, learning atmosphere.
We offer programs for the whole family from age 3 to adult.

Our style of Ju-Jitsu is an ancient Japanese self-defense art (NOT Brazilian as seen in the UFC).
It involves a little bit of everything , throws, arm & leg locks, escapes, striking, kicking and much more.


The best way to understand a martial art is to try it. Take advantage of our FREE, no obligation trial classes, to see if it is right for you, see our class schedule for a full description of our classes and times.

And also check out our  ‘Introductory Special Offer’

Have a Question?….Check our Frequently asked questions page.



A disciplined and focused environment to enhance confidence and child development.

After being picked up from school the students have
snack time, homework/reading time, physical activity and martial arts classes.
Leaving the evening for Quality Family Time.


(3 TO 5 Years old)


The ‘PeeWee Dragons’ class is specifically designed for Ages 3-5 Years old.

The children develop Respect, Discipline and Focus.
It is a fun filled class with specially designed learning games.
Among all the fun, the children also learn basic self defense skills,
They build Character, Courage and Self Confidence, all attributes to help them on theit journey of life. 



Our Junior class is for kids age 5-15 years, Adults 15+
Here the students learn the traditional Japanese art of Ju-Jitsu.
They accomplish Respect, Discipline, Courtesy and Focus while gaining Courage and Confidence.
We also have Taekwon-do classes as an alternative option, the students can learn two different 
martial arts for the same monthly membership.



To Red Dragon, from the Maki Family:

Samantha’s Tae Kwon Do training began in 2007. There were tough times: times of frustration and feeling of abandonment by her former club and she did not want to continue in the art of Tae Kwon Do.

In 2010 she began training with Sensei Keith in Japanese Ju Jitsu. After only a few classes she felt the passion for martial arts return.

When Red Dragon opened its doors in May 2011, it literally “opened a new door” for Samantha and her training.

Master Brendan and Master Tina pushed Samantha and convinced her not to give up on her
Tae Kwon Do training. In 2012 when Master Jordan joined Red Dragon as the new Tae Kwon Do instructor Samantha’s interest in the art continued to grow and she began to excel and was 100% committed to get her Black Belt. 

You cannot become a Black Belt without training partners: Thank you to the great students and all the instructors at Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy for your support and encouragement.

Now 8 years later, Samantha is honored to stand in front of Master Jordan, Master Brendan, Master Tina, Master Eric and Sensei Keith and prove to them that:


-Liane Maki

“It takes more than martial arts skills and good credentials to inspire children and adults to reach higher levels of accomplishment.  The best martial arts instructors/coaches also know that they are teachers for more than the time they are providing instructions.   Sensei Holme, is an excellent role model, encourager and instructor with the right balance of expertise, experience, discipline and heart.  He upholds the martial arts tradition of discipline while being attentive to each child’s next level of development.  He inspires confidence while challenging his students to grow.  It has been an awesome privilege to witness the positive transformation in my son’s attitude and confidence since he began to receive Ju-Jitsu instructions from Sensei Holme.”
 -Lil Sawyer

“Sensei Keith’s classes are organized, disciplined and well run. He expects a lot from his students (both adults and children) and they are eager to rise to the challenge. It is amazing to watch how those with no background in martial arts can move from belt to belt, improving upon each technique with every class. The confidence it has instilled in my 10 year old is amazing. Speaking from a parent’s point of view, you get your money’s worth from the time you step through the door until you walk out at the end of class. Kudos to you Keith!”
-Trudi Goodfellow

“Ever since I stepped on the Dojo mat I have fallen in love with the discipline, focus, and skills provided under the careful toutelage of Sensei Holme. He has always been a tentative instructor as well as someone who I can also call a friend. One of the many things that stayed with me over the years that i’ve been training with Sensei Holme is how open he is to his students variances in martial art styles or methods of approach as well as their points of view. This to me is what helps create the harmony and comaraderie that I experience on a daily basis in this Dojo. His method of teaching has always provided a safe and fun environment for people of all ages to aspire to the teachings that the Martial Arts provide. Another element that I enjoy about Sensei Holme is the cleanliness and organization of his facility as well as the breed of student this type of training atmosphere creates.” 
-Daniel Lennox, Shodan






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